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Aug 25, 2020

Are you an accomplished professional transitioning to being a consultant?

Have you wanted to take the leap but still undecided if you’ll dive into it? We make decisions every day from the trivial to the critical, such as changing careers or launching a business. But how do we know we are doing good decisions?

How do we prevent ourselves from having any kind of decision-making disorder?

Deborah Zahn has been leading a successful consulting business since 2010 and knows how to help other accomplished professionals start, build, and grow their businesses while living the lives they desire.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how to cure decision-making disorders
  • Know why it is important to set a meeting agenda in order to build awareness of how the rest of the team feels about a certain decision
  • Discover how to grow your consulting business and have the life you truly want in less time


“I cure decision-making disorders. So, when I’m working with my clients, and it’s often either a single organization or company or multiple organizations that are coming together and trying to do something.“

– Deborah Zahn


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Key Takeaways from Deborah Zahn:

“They think decision-making is all rational. And that facts and logic alone are going to solve the problem. And if they just get the right information in front of them, that decisions will get made.“

“Have clarity about what the purpose of each step of the process is for.”

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