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Oct 13, 2020

It’s tough to connect with your audience, right?

Justin Blackman is obsessed with brand voice. Over the last two years, he’s written for more than 329 different entrepreneurs. Before that, he wrote 10,211 headlines for 100 different companies — just for fun — all during the hours he wasn’t creating content for an international hotel company with 12 distinct brand voices. And before that, he spent a decade speaking to thousands of consumers while marketing big names like Puma, 5-hour Energy, and Red Bull.

Now he takes all that writer’s knowledge in his very-crowded head and creates ridiculously specific voice guides. He also teaches writers how to sound exactly like their clients using a process called Brand Ventriloquism.

All the people say he’s pretty fly for a write guy.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how to train writers to sound more like the audience, teaching them to get their copy perfect
  • Know the importance of putting specific barriers and borders on what your brand is actually is
  • Discover how to write in WTF voices and why writing is both a science and an art

“I train writers to sound more like clients, and teaching them to get their copy perfect.“

– Justin Blackman


Key Takeaways from Justin Blackman:

“I can figure out exactly where you fall. And then around that mark, I’m not saying that every single sentence is going to hit that mark. But enough of it will sound like you that it will have the readability, that speak at or that you write at, it’ll have the same underlying emotions that you want to convey. And that it’ll be written in a format that looks like .”

Here is a practical brand voice framework that explains what this is, and how you can start to establish these ground rules for your writing for your business for your brand.